S.C. Corporation

            Majority of the SC population in the district are agriculture coolies. Most of them are below poverty line. The APSC Cooperative Finance Corporation Ltd., funding the district to take up various developmental activities by the District SC Service cooperative society Ltd

            - To provide financial assistance for creation of income generating assets

            - To offer training programes for skill up gradation leading to self/wage employment

            - To empower women self-help groups for taking up economic support activity

            - To plug critical gaps of finance in economic support schemes

  1. Land Purchase Scheme:

  2.             Under this scheme the Society purchase and distribute Agriculture lands to land less agriculture labour Sc women. It also provides finance to the beneficiaries for  purchase of seeds and fertilizers.

  3. Minor Irrigation Scheme:

  4.             This is for the development of SC Lands held by SC families. Various Minor Irrigation Programme like Million Wells, Bore wells, Filter points and Check dams being taken for the SC Lands development.

                Compact Blocks of Assigned lands are identified in co-ordination with DWMA to cover the scheme under CLDP ie., Indira Prabha programme.

  5. Self Employment  Schemes:

    • Bank linked:    Under this program, the beneficiaries are identified under convergence program.

    • NSFDC ( Term Loan): Under this program, Term Loan assistance from NSFDC is provided to SC educated youth for Self Employment.

    • Rehabilitation of Scavengers (NSKFDC): Under this Scavengers are identified and rehabilitation measures have been taken up.

    • SC Women SHGs: Under this program the Society forms Self Help Groups - (Group Unit is 15 beneficiaries) and with the assistance of NSFDC & NSKFDC finance sanctions being made to the various developmental activities taken up by these SHGs. The beneficiaries are identified by the Convergence Committee.

  6.   Training Programme:

            Under this the eligible candidates are selected and sponsored to various training programme like:
  • One Year course in Leather technology in CLRI, Cheenai.

  • Job Orientated Training programmes for educational youth

  • Under peace plan program candidates will be selected for -

    • Security Guards Training at District Police Training Center

    • Electrical Domestic Applicants Training at Govt. ITI for Minorities

    • Plumbers Training at District Police Training Center

    • Tailoring & Embroidery Training to female candidates at Telugu Bala Mahila Program